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At Allergy Test South Africa, we’re here to give you all the information possible on gluten intolerance.  Over the last decade, there have been several people who have experimented with gluten free foods. One of the areas that this trend has progressed is in Africa. Many people are stating they are gluten intolerant without actually knowing what transpires when one is gluten intolerant. What should be done is a diagnosis by a physician to determine whether an individual is gluten tolerant or intolerant. This means that jumping to gluten free products can be risky since if you are not gluten intolerant and you lack gluten for certain period, the diagnosis of coeliac disease or gluten insensitivity can prove to be difficult to pinpoint.

Gluten intolerance is not a food allergy as many have previously thought but a condition that occurs in the gut. Gluten is an elastic protein that occurs naturally in foods like wheat, rye, oats, and barley among others. When ingested by individuals with coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity among other related diseases, the gluten triggers an immune response in the bloodstream that commences that damaging of the lining in the small intestine. This damage can later cause other ailments to rise like infertility and nerve damage.

Intolerance Test Africa

As stated in the first paragraph, one must know whether they are gluten intolerant by visiting a physician. There are other ways that one can also determine whether they are gluten intolerant. One is by doing an allergy test. The allergy test website based in South Africa is the most popular and reliable service. One of the best services we have is ordering an allergy test that gets you the results in a short period. Based on your results, you can be advised on the types of foods to ingest and which ones to avoid.

To find Gluten free products in South Africa, one can visit either the Dischem pharmacies or the Wellness Warehouse. Here people get gluten free products including; pancakes, pastas, cakes, and other foods. There are several companies around Africa that are turning to gluten free products. Woolworths is one of them. Therefore, before making assumptions that you are gluten intolerant, visit a physician to confirm.